Your Councillors


Arnold Almond (Chair)
Councillor Arnold Almond (Chair) 07525 700709 [email protected]
Merefield Astley Village
Rod Fraser (Vice Chair)
Councillor Rod Fraser (Vice Chair) 07711 283303 [email protected]
Astley Village
Councillor Keith Ashton
Councillor Keith Ashton 07722455949 [email protected]
Long Croft Meadow Astley Village
Councillor Matt Lynch
Councillor Matt Lynch 07922 281300 [email protected]
Buckshaw Hall Close Astley Village
John McAndrew
Councillor John McAndrew 01257 262914 [email protected]
The Farthings Astley Village
Anne Pryce
Councillor Anne Pryce 01257 26889
The Farthings Astley Village
Gillian Sharples
Councillor Gillian Sharples 07850 074326 [email protected]
Wymundsley Astley Village
Chris Sheldon
Councillor Chris Sheldon 01257 266463 [email protected]
The Farthings Astley Village