Parish Council Appoints New Chair

Parish Council Appoints New Chair

10th of May, 2021

Following the decision by Laura and Chris Lennox to stand down as Parish Councillors, at the Annual Parish Council Meeting on 5 May 2021, Councillor Arnold Almond was elected Chair, replacing Laura Lennox who has been Chair for many years.

Following his appointment he said:

"Firstly, many thanks to Laura for all her many years of dedicated services to Astley Village Parish Council.  She has certainly made a difference and contributed much.  She and her husband Chris will be sadly missed.

Many thanks to all the Councillors present for supporting my application for the position of Chair.  It was not an easy decision for me and it is a difficult position to fill, following Laura of course.

I happen to think that Laura is leaving behind a very good team of Councillors who are willing to ‘do’ and not just ‘talk.’  We do however, still have much to do to get our residents more onside with what we are aiming to achieve and we also have to continue to attempt to bring our Borough Councillors and other organisations such as Places for People, Derain House, the Shops and Pubs onboard with us. We also have a very good and experienced Clerk to complete a good and talented team".

Councillor Rod Fraser was relected as Vice Chair.