Call for Sites

The Call for Sites for the initial Central Lancashire Local Plan Review consultation IS NOW LIVE and will remain so for a period of 12 weeks from Friday 17th August 2018 until Friday 9th November 2018.


The Central Lancashire Team is now established, funded by and working on behalf of three local authorities: Chorley, Preston and South Ribble from their base at Bengal Street Depot, Chorley. We are now undertaking the Call for Sites stage of the Central Lancashire Local Plan, which will be done on behalf of all three areas across Central Lancashire and is the first stage in the review of the Central Lancashire Local Plan, which we aim to adopt in Winter 2020.


A dedicated website has been created which should go live by Monday 13th August ( and will be the central point of information on the Central Lancashire Local Plan, the history, the timetable, the elected members associated with it, the Central Lancashire Team, upcoming stages and any news and updates as they happen. Please direct all enquiries to the website in the first instance as many questions will be answered there.


The call for sites is an invitation for anyone to submit details of a site in Chorley, and/or Preston and/or or South Ribble and a suggested use for that site. The purpose of the exercise is to identify sites for possible future development over the next 15 years and beyond. This includes land with potential for a wide range of purposes, to meet the future needs for development, including residential uses, employment, retail, leisure and any other uses. Having one joint consultation ensures a quick and easy process for those submitting sites in more than one area and also will avoid any duplication, as all sites will be recorded by our Central team. National policy requires that local planning authorities assess the availability of land to meet their needs for housing, employment and other uses. This forms part of the evidence base which will inform the review of the Central Lancashire Local Plan and will be taken into account by the Planning Inspector at the public examination when we apply to have the Central Lancashire Local Plan approved for adoption.


The call for sites exercise does not determine whether a site should be allocated for development. However, it will help to identify potential sites for further consideration through a range of subsequent technical work. This will help to inform future decisions on allocations in the new Central Lancashire Local Plan.


Anyone can submit a site for consideration providing that contact details and the required documents are included. Sites can be put forward by individuals or organisations, including landowners, developers, agents, local businesses and residents of Chorley, Preston and South Ribble. Submissions can be made by completing the application form at the website, this will mean that most, if not all, site suggestions will be submitted digitally, which is a more efficient way of doing things and makes it easier for the team to coordinate and analyse the data. (Paper submissions can however be sent to us as a completed application form, copies available on request from our team). If anyone would like any help in submitting their suggested sites or require the information in alternative format, the team will be happy to help.


Once the Call for Sites consultation closes, the sites will be subject to technical assessment to consider the suitability, availability and achievability (including viability) of the site and development proposed. This appraisal will follow Government procedures outlined in National Planning Practice Guidance. The sites considered most appropriate will then be subject to further public consultation through the Central Lancashire Local Plan process.


If you require any further information, please contact the Central Lancashire Team via email on or 01257 515305 (public enquiries should be signposted to the switchboard on 01257 515555).


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