Studfold Outline application for a new dwelling

The Parish Council has written to Chorley Council planning officers with the following objections:

The Parish Council objects to this outline planning application for a number of reasons:

    Lack of information in the application ie, type, size of property, height etc
    Confusion and lack of clarification of the access drive (sketch not adequate)
    Items not included on the plans (ie, garages, out houses etc)
    Large Oak tree disruption and its protection
    Neighbouring properties privacy and boundary concerns
    Disruptions during the build
    Historic water-course problems in that area could cause damage to other properties
    Parking and access issues for the flats ie, sharing drives already

The Parish Council requests this application be considered by Committee and that the Committee attends a site visit.

The Parish Council requests the large Oak tree, on site, be put under a TPO order.

The next Development Control Committee meetings are programmed for : 10th October and 8th November - the Parish Council has asked for this application to be considered by the Committee but, until this request is confirmed it is not known if this request will be honoured.

If more news is forthcoming - it will be posted on the website so you are abreast of the situation.

21/09/17 update - the application has been modified to add in more details such as the parking arrangements, outbuildings, type of house etc. This may be considered at the next Chairman's briefing session next Wednesday (27th) and the Chair may at that point consider whether it should go to Committee etc - if it misses this briefing, it will go to the next briefing.

20/10/17 update - the application will be heard by the Planning Committee and it is anticipated to be on the agenda of the 7th November

30/10/17 update - Planning Officer recommend this application is approved read report HERE
The Development Control Committee refused this application see refusal notice here

12/12/17 update - the applicant has appealed against the decision to refuse this planning application - appeal notice here

March 2018 - The Planning Inspector dismissed the Appeal against Chorley Council's decision - decision notice here


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