Where did Astley Village come from?

Astley Village was conceived in the mid to late 1970's by the then, Central Lancashire Development Corporation (CLDC). Astley Village was just part of the CLDC huge development project encompassing Preston, South Ribble and Chorley.

Astley Village, when it was conceived and first built had many facilities, some sadly it doesn't have today; school, supermarket, off-license, hairdressers, newsagent, pub, community centre and a squash club. Things have changed over the years. CLDC left the village in the mid 80's and Chorley Borough Council assumed responsibility for the village.

In about 1985 the rented housing stock moved to North British Housing Association, more recently now called Places For People. The Squash Club which once was changed into a pub and restaurant but is now transformed into an independent special school.

The fight to create a Parish Council for Astley Village

Residents of Astley Village began a campaign to create a parish council some ten years or so before it was officially given the go ahead in 1991. Village members set up a community group which campaigned and made decisions for some 10 years before finally becoming an offical Parish Council.

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